Outdoor Classrooms

Outdoor Classrooms

The Skies are Amazing
Moose at the Water's Edge

Whether you have been an avid outdoorsman all your life, just beginning to explore the great outdoors, or finally have the time to enjoy Mother Nature, remember its never too late to learn.

The outdoor classroom can teach us a lot if we simply take the time to watch and listen. The learning is much more enjoyable than going to school as we know it. Learning can be as relaxing as sitting in the shade on a warm summer day – on a quiet lakeshore watching the gulls, terns, cormorants and white pelicans as they fish for baitfish, each in their own specific way.

Learning can also be very stressful or exciting. Picture calling a 1200 pound bull moose with 50” horns (who is grunting, stamping, bellering and expecting to see a friendly cow moose) to within a stone’s throw of your blind. In the outdoor classroom you can choose all of your own subjects and they can be as easy or difficult as you want.

For years we have travelled the remote portage and animal trails, tracing the patterns of deer, moose, wolves, bears and many of the smaller creatures. Simply by walking a sand beach you may be able to identify the tracks of a half a dozen forest citizens.Red Northern Lights You may also find a great piece of driftwood or even an arrowhead from a summer fishing camp dating back 6000 years.

Come with us into the northwoods and learn about Mother Nature’s creatures. How does the beaver make its house and its own pond? How do you talk to the timber wolf and the Bull Moose? Learn about forest animal habitat and behaviour. Search the woods for shed antlers of moose and deer. Let us teach you about local foods. Learn how to catch, clean and prepare fresh fish from the lake - cook wild rice and frybread. Learn how to make your campfire and how to cook a delicious meal over it. Learn how to paddle your own canoe or kayak, and be able to enjoy this quiet mode of travel in a true wilderness setting.

Come and hear the quiet, and view the northern lights in the autumn sky. Explore with us and learn who has passed this way before.

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